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Today’s Treats

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img_1309-1Recently in the convenience stores the shelf area for candy seems to be seeing packages that have more variety than before. The most recent range of Pure Gummy candy now comes in four flavors, Orange, Grape, Lemon and Sakura. Each package says the candy contains Vitamin C, but probably your not going to hold off a cold by eating lots of them.

Not to get left behind Rilakkuma has his own candy with Vitamin C inside. One candy is said to contain 50mg of Vitamin C.

Rilakkuma candy

I found these strips of Yuzu peel which were really tasty. They had a good tangy taste about them, but were a little messy to eat. Very different to the other candy in the store.

Yuzu Peel - Tasty!!!
Yuzu Peel - Tasty!!!

Vegetable combined with fruit candy. This combination is carrot and lemon. Advertising コラーゲン in food is just as popular if not more than vitamin supplements. This candy says it contains 2400mg of it.

Vegetable * Fruit candy
Vegetable * Fruit candy

What’s your favorite candy?

  1. Hao says

    I love the ones that come in a can 🙂

    1. Shibuya246 says

      Yes, the cans are very cool!

  2. plutarch says

    Heres a challenge – I like your banner for shibuya 246 but can you give us some different banner looks of shibuya – your articles on trends are really interesting

    1. Shibuya246 says

      I'll try and get some more photos of shibuya up on the site shortly. Thanks for dropping by

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