Schott's Vocab - The New York Times

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Schott's Vocab - The New York Times
The online edition of the NY Times, Opinion section, carries a blog by Ben Schott focusing on the words of our times. Ben makes a review of the latest new words that are becoming popular in the mainstream media and public.

In February, Ben reported on the Japan trend for giving chocolates on valentine and the new word “gyaku-choco” 逆チョコ. In the article reference was made to The Straits Times from Singapore, The Japan Times from Japan and our own site also from Japan.

Ben’s site has also covered the following words from Japan that might be worth checking out; Nomunication, Ikko Effect, Bura-Hara, Amakudari & Watari and Kon-Katsu amongst others.

So, thanks to Ben and The NY Times for noticing our post. We are honored to be referenced in your article and look forward to finding more material in the future. If any readers have any requests for certain articles or information about Japan please feel free to mail me at or leave a comment on the site. I will try and answer all questions.

New Words in Japan
In Japan, since 1984 a competition has been run every year to decide which new words that year had the most profound impact and were most memorable to Japanese society in general. The announcements of winners including a top ten list are made in December. The website for this is at

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