Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson


img_1016-1Lawson seems to be firmly tied up wtih San-x and the Rilakkuma Bear now. Every time Lawson comes up with a new promotion Rilakkuma looks to be their lead off hitter.

The current promotion is a connected to the Lawson Point Card with a series of original Lawson/Rilakkuma goods up for grabs. There are a choice of 4 types of goods, Tumbler/Lunch Box set (requires 2000 points – limit of 2000 customers), Nuigurimi Rilakkuma’s (requires 20 points, but only 3 customers will win this in a draw), an eco carrying bag (requires 500 points – limit of 1500 customers) or a tea set (again only 3 customers will win this in a draw, requires 30 points).

The pictures did not come out to well here. Maybe the rain outside had something to do with it.

Original Lawson/Rilakkuma goods

Original Lawson/Rilakkuma goods

3 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Fair at Lawson”

  1. M says:

    I’m just woundering why you’re a great fun of Rilakkuma Bear…

    1. shibuya246 says:

      Well, he’s cute and relaxing. Whats not to like? Seriously, I’ve always liked the bear characters and Rilakkuma has a good theme and story about him. I like the advertising tie-ups he is doing also.

  2. Z3R0FiR3 says:

    Rilakkuma is such an adorable bear! The blank bear face is always cute. x3

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