Yamada Denki point machines in LABI store
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LABI says “Thanks for dropping in”

img_0261-12If your wallet is anything like mine then you probabaly have a lot of members cards to various places. It would be nice if all of these points could be accomodated on one card with an IC chip.

Leaving that aside, LABI, Yamada Denki’s large scale electronic stores have a new idea based on the old theme of member point cards. They have installed machines at their store so that when you visit the store you can swipe your card and get an automatic 10 points credited to your account. If you buy something you get further points depending on how much you spend, AND then before you leave the store you can swipe your card again for another 10 points. They also have a slot machine style game playing when you swipe your card for the chance to win more points.

10 free points might not be much, but if you live close by and can visit everyday you could rack up 3,650 points in a year. If everyone started doing that I am sure LABI would have trouble honoring the points earned.

It is nice to see a promotion that doesn’t require you to spend money first. Whoever said “there is no such thing as a free lunch” obviously hadn’t visited LABI.

Yamada Denki point machines in LABI store
Yamada Denki point machines in LABI store

Here is a link to a map on how to get to Shibuya LABI

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  • I watched this new shop being built, but have never been inside it yet. I can’t help wanting to call it Labia 🙂

    How many points have you clocked up now? Any idea how many points you need to get anything?

    I have a T-point card which seems to have expanded it’s coverage beyond Tsutaya, but like most of these loyalty cards you need to spend a huge amount and get very little in return.

  • Actually, up until about a year ago, Yamada used to give you 100 points (up to 5,000 via the "slot" game) just for visiting (with a limit of 4 uses between purchases.)

    • 100 points sounds good. I keep forgetting to take my card when I go past the store. I would like to get points electronically for being in the proximity of the store.

      • It was pretty nice while it lasted! I'm sure I got at least 3,000 yen for free that way… actually, I wonder if Yamada could give me points just for thinking and posting about them! Then maybe they could win me back from ヨドバシ, whose wonderful おサイフケータイ アプリ wooed me with the promise of fewer cards in my wallet… even if they are sometimes a little bit more pricey. Heh, I guess that makes me an おサイフケータイ nerd.

      • Have to agree with you totally Brenden. Everyone seems to want to give you a point card and the wallet just can't handle them all. I'd like to see them all go into the phone like you say and then we can free up the space in the wallet.
        Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to more of your comments.