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adidas new store in Shibuya

adidas store in Shibuya
adidas store in Shibuya

adidas is about to open its new store in Shibuya next to the 109 store area. As the official opening gets closer the building has been modelled to sport a large adidas logo which changes the landscape of Shibuya.

It is one of the few buildings in Shibuya that is sporting a large brand on the front of the building giving it more of a Ginza or Omotesando image. The official open will be on Dec 23, 2008. It is being classed by adidas as an “adidas Originals Concept Shop”.


Futsal Park
The adidas image has been around in Shibuya for a while. Of particular interest is the adidas Futsal Park which is located on the top of the Tokyu department store above Shibuya Station.

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